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It's time to Get a Geek in Your Pocket

3 NON TECHIE Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Learn the 3 easy ways you can improve your website speed in simple to follow steps.  30 minutes from now you'll have a faster website!

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Technology Resources to Cure Your Overwhelm and Frustrations with Tech


Meet Your Chief Geek

Hi, I'm Renee

I've been working online since 2008 (a lifetime in terms of the internet!) and my super power is bringing clarity and reducing the overwhelm to building a business online.  Here's a few ways I can help you...

  • Watch & implement my TechShorts Trainings to simplify your processes

  • Keep your website secure with my Protection Plans

  • Use my training and resources to help reduce the stress of learning new tech

Let's work together, here's a few ways


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Training & Products

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Why You Need a Geek in Your Pocket


Ditch The Overwhelm

Often you just need that one voice to help you discover the best choice for you and your tech stack


It's Time to Rest Easy

Using all the new tech can simply be too much.  Having a Geek in Your Pocket will help you have a better nights sleep


You can simplify

Many times I see clients taking advice from too many "tech gurus" that their website is overload and they are overwhelmed. I'm here to help


I had been agonizing for days over the implementation of an e-commerce plugin for my website when I finally threw my hands in the air and gave up. Luckily, I found Renee who not only calmed me down by made me feel confident that she knew what she was doing, and could do it the very next week.

She got it all straightened away for me, on time and on budget. When I need something else done in the future, I'll skip the agony and got straight to Renee. You should too!

Cara-Lynn Garvock, Blueboat Social Marketing


Renee is such a lifesaver!! She is so smart, always has resources to point you to, and best of all she can put things into "Sorry, I don't speak tech" lingo!! 5 stars all the way. She is amazing at what she does!

Payton Kalio Santos, Front Seat Ryder


I was never more grateful than that moment that I had hired Renee. Not only did she fix my problems, but she stayed in contact with me while she did it.

After everything was fixed, she told me not to worry about the tech side of my website because she has that covered. She told me to just do what I do best.

Samantha Hatcher, Life Coach for Christian Women


A Geek In Your Pocket Can Help

I can handle the updates, why Get a Geek in Your Pocket?

Yes, many people can handle the updates, but do you monitor all the security news to know when you need to be updating your site? The average website owner can spend upwards of 20+ hours a month to manage and maintain their website? Investing a dinner out a month and you'll never need to think about your website updates again.

A Geek In Your Pocket is your Secret Weapon

Stop relying on Facebook groups for your tech support, Geek in Your Pocket will help and can take care of any tasks under 15 minutes when you are a Protection Plan Member

I'm a business owner like you

Stop relying on Facebook groups for your tech support, Geek in Your Pocket will help and can take care of any tasks under 15 minutes when you are a Protection Plan Member

You made it all this way!


You know you need to have a fast website, but there's SO MUCH TO KNOW it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

By the end of this FREE training, you'll

Make your site faster by…
Discovering how to have your pages load fast, so you visitors can have the best experience & you make Google happy

Learn how to add images so…
They don’t bog down your site, causing frustration with your visitors and annoying Google

Discover the power of distribution to...
give the best visitor experience no matter where in the world they are visiting from.


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