• Do you feel your web hosting is more concerned about profits than protecting your website?  
  • Does the thought of calling to get support from your web host drive you to avoid it until you have to?
  • When you call, does your web host talk in geek speak, often confusing you even more?
  • Or maybe they tell you that it’s not their problem and they can’t help you?

Geek in Your Pocket Web Hosting can help fix that issue!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and have migrated many sites from different web hosts for all the reasons I mentioned above.

Having a geek in your pocket can make the process much more manageable when something goes wrong with your website.

Why would you consider Geek in Your Pocket for your web host?

Quick, friendly, and non-geek speak support

My clients work with me because they appreciate the time I take to explain things in an easy-to-understand way; no geek speak is used when communicating with you.  

I’m here to support you and your business.  

While I offer technical services to my clients, my business is built for many of the same reasons you launched yours. I’ve created a business so I can have the time freedom to enjoy other aspects of my life, just like I guess you have. If I don’t have a quick answer, I will point you to references that will help you when needed.

Superior Uptime

The servers I use have excellent uptime, meaning your site is online and available for your clients and visitors to find.  I provide an uptime guarantee of 99%, and my guarantee includes almost every circumstance, not including your own mistakes, but I will help you fix those.


I’ve been working with websites in some form since 2006, I know my way around web hosting, maintenance and security for WordPress websites.

Just right for your business

My service is big enough to scale with you as your business grows but still personable enough to provide you with the personal touch and service you can’t get with larger web hosts.

Move-in service available:

If you already have a website and you want to move to Geek in Your Pocket Hosting, I’ll take care of the move for you at no extra cost to you for your first website.  

If your email is currently hosted with your web host, you can purchase my add-on email service, or I can provide you with some recommendations to handle your email.

What’s Included with the Geek in Your Pocket Web Hosting?

High-Speed Performance: I have built-in systems with Cloudflare CDN, SSD-based hosting and build-in advanced caches, auto-healing managed servers, and the latest PHP simply means that you’re website will be optimized and set to give your visitors and clients a smooth experience when visiting your website.

Top-Notch Security: Website security is my jam, and my hosting comes with dedicated firewalls, SSL certificate management, ongoing security patching, bot protection, safe WordPress updates  advanced DDOS protection with Cloudflare, and vulnerability scanning.

1-Click Backups & Restores: If something goes funky with your website, or you’re doing something and your website breaks, we can restore your website quickly with one of your backups, done daily every evening.

Regular Monitoring: When you have your website with me, I’m constantly monitoring your website and will take action as soon as I know there’s an issue with your website. 

It’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing for you. I react fast, so you have limited downtime.

Access to Select Premium Plugins:  Your WordPress website uses plugins to enhance its functionality, and when you join the Geek in Your Pocket web hosting, you’ll get access to select premium plugins that can improve your website. 

We can often replace some of the plugins you currently use with the ones I use and recommend because I know the function well and limit some known plugin conflicts.

Access to select Premium Themes: You can choose to use one of the themes or page builders I can provide, and as long as you remain a Geek in Your Pocket web host member you’ll never need to pay for the theme. Currently available: AstraPro ($69/yr), Spectra One ($69/yr) and Elementor Page Builder ($59/yr).

Maintenance & Security Management:  With my hosting, the need to constantly update your plugins is reduced and your website security is handled. For web hosting members, my Safe WordPress Updates process is included, as well as ongoing monitoring and scanning of your website for any potential security threats.

A fantastic offer, right?

So how much is this going to cost you?  

I have two options: one if you have a website you’d like to move to my hosting and a second offer if you want to start a new website.  

Check both options below. and choose the one that works best for you.

Website Hosting with a Personal Touch

You currently have your website and want to move to Geek In Your Pocket Website Hosting; the price is $25 per month or $250 per year.

This includes everything shared above, be sure to check the FAQs below to answer any initial questions.


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Got Questions? Email me.

A Few Important Notes

Domain Registration: You must have your domain registered before you start the process for the new website, I recommend PorkBun, but you can use any registrar you like.  Once you have your domain registered, I will need to be given delegate access so I can set up the required records to get your website online. I can provide instructions, or you can simply search delegate access and the name of your domain registrar to get instructions.

Does this include email?  No, it does not, but you can purchase the email order bump for an additional $50 per year.  I will provide some recommended steps before setting up your email, including ensuring you get an archive of your current emails before we move your email.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: I encourage you to purchase the Privacy & Terms of Service Add On if possible.  I have partnered with the team at Termageddon to provide you with policies specific to your needs written by lawyers that are also updated automatically.  This service is available for clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland & Australia.

If you have more than one website: I can offer a discount on an secondary websites, but each website will use space on my servers I can not, nor will I offer a unlimited domain tier to my website hosting packages.  Send me an email if you’d like to have a custom package created for you.


What I don’t offer: 

Windows Server hosting, ASP, MS Access databases – very few sites need Windows hosting, but if yours does, you will need to search for a Windows web host. This is different than the type of computer you operate.  Windows also provides server technology that runs websites.

Spam hosting: you cannot send spam from our server, and you cannot send spam from other servers advertising your domains.

Illegal files or activities: Anything that violates United States law is prohibited. We will and do cooperate with law enforcement authorities in authorized investigations.

Pyramid schemes, pornography, and gambling sites, or sites that promote them, will not be allowed.

Have more questions? Get in touch, let's chat.

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