Your website isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it kind of project.  It requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Website Maintenance Essentials is the quick training you need to know exactly what to do to have a website that serves your visitors and improves your revenue.

Everyone knows if you have an online business you need a website, but creating and building your website is just one small element of your website journey.

Once you’ve built your website there’s ongoing changes and improvements you want to make and then there’s the updates, backups and other ongoing maintenance like managing the databases and clearing out page revisions and so much more.

There are so many things to manage and take care of regarding your website…

It can all be so overwhelming!

My Website Maintenance Essentials TechShort Workshop has got you covered.

During the 30 minute training session, you’ll learn the best practices to ensure your website is protected and well maintained all in an easy to follow non-techie friendly process.

We’ll be covering all of the things you should know, including:

  • What you need to do before you even start your maintenance process
  • What you should be doing each week, month, and year to keep your website fresh
  • Why cleaning your website on a regular basis is critical
  • The best way to check for broken links and how to fix them
  • PlusI’ll share some of my optimization and speed best practices and tips

Hey! Renee, Here!

I got into website maintenance and support about five years ago, BUT I’ve been working online since 2008. My business evolved from a virtual assistant to creating a successful boutique web design firm, and now I focus on supporting you and your website.

When creating a website, most of my clients don’t realize how much maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly.

So I went all in and started offering website protection services to my clients. 

That was in 2017. Now I focus on taking the tech off my clients’ plates so they can focus on big things for their business and life.

I want the same for you.

That’s why I launched Geek in Your Pocket and the Geek Clinic

And why I doubled down to focus on supporting my clients. All so, they can have a fabulous website without messing with the tech!

It’s time to get the relief you need!

You might be wondering

What Exactly is a TechShort?

A TechShort is a quick workshop, usually less than 60 minutes, that covers something specific to your website or business and focuses on the technical elements. They are intended for the solopreneur, new business owner, or anyone that struggles with technology and how to use it online. By the end of the TechShort, you’ll better understand how to use the tech in your business and why it is important.

All TechShorts are recorded, but to get the most benefit, it’s always recommended to attend live so you can get your questions answered and even receive some on-the-spot tech help from Renee, Chief Geek of Geek in Your Pocket.


Learn all the techniques to ensure your website is well maintained and protected

Yes, I NEED This!
What You Need to Do BEFORE You Even Start Your Maintenance
What You Should be Doing each WEEK, MONTH & YEAR to Keep Your Website Fresh
Why Cleaning Your Website on a Regular Basis is Critical
The Best Way to Check for Broken Links and How To Fix Them
Plus I'll Share a Special Training to Help You Improve the Speed of your Website

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TechShort: Website Maintenance Essentials

TechShort Workshop

Website Maintenance Essentials


30ish minute training +

Access to the Website Essentials TechShort, including updates, for as long as the Techshort is offered

TechStack for tools you can use that are non-techie friendly

Bonus: Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist ($10 Value)

Bonus: Website Essentials Guide ($27 Value)