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Ranking In The Search Engines Is EASY With The Right Tools & Training!

These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the step-by-step learning process of dramatically improving the SEO of your WordPress site.

It doesn’t matter if you are ‘technically challenged’. 

With these step-by-step video guides, you’ll learn..

  • How to write search engine-loving posts & pages!

  • A walk-through of using the built-in Content AI if you want help in creating your content

  • Step-by-step instructions on creating and connecting a Google Analytics account (GA4) to our site.

  • While learning about SEO, you are configuring the tool to do most of the work for us.

  • Testing for SEO weak spots and how to fix them.

And Much More!

This is a complete, no-nonsense blueprint anybody—no matter your experience or skill level—can understand and use to improve the Search Engine Rankings of your WordPress site.

You’ll learn the best time-saving shortcuts that you'll not see anywhere else.

Now you can access this ENTIRE Set Of Easy To Follow, "Do-This-Then-Do-That" Step-By-Step Videos...

These videos cover everything you'll need to make your WordPress sites super Search Engine Friendly.

Here's a quick sample of what's included & the type of videos you can expect

When Your WordPress Site is Optimized for Search Engines it Becomes a Web Traffic Magnet

These WordPress training videos are simple, and easy to follow.

These videos reveal some of the best shortcuts, tips, and methods anyone can use to optimize their posts and pages and greatly improve their WordPress site's rankings.

Here's a Quick Breakdown of the Lessons Included in this Training

SEO Essentials 1
SEO Essentials  2
SEO Essentials 3
SEO Essentials 4
SEO Essentials 5
SEO Essentials 6
SEO Essentials 7
SEO Essentials 8
SEO Essentials 9
SEO Essentials 10
SEO Essentials 11
SEO Essentials 12
SEO Essentials 13
SEO Essentials 14
SEO Essentials 15
SEO Essentials 16
SEO Essentials 17
SEO Essentials 18

Optimizing Your WordPress Sites For Search Engines Have Never Been Easier!

These SEO training videos are focused on using WordPress and were created with the total beginner in mind.

Zero Geek-Speak, very detailed & fluff-free!

This allows you to learn more in a shorter amount of time while enjoying what you are learning.

Sure beats trying to learn from outdated, hard to understand videos you stumble across on the web.

Look What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying About Our Training & Offers


Taking Renee's advice about SEO, has made my traffic steadily increase since just November. Renee is always quick to help you anyway she can and explains things in a way that make sense and are easy to follow.

Gina Butler,

Renee has been a huge help to me in figuring out how to use my website. She goes above and beyond the job always!

Brenda Melendez, Brenda Loves Sharing


Renee holds your hand as you build your internet business. She knows both the tech stuff and the marketing.

Barbara Allisen,

Her choice of topics for training has been what I need. I suffered from a lot of technical frustration as I attempted to get moving in the internet world. I liked the sound of Renee's down-to-earth approach.

I love what you provide Renee!

Jude LeMoine,


I used to tell Renee if she could get me tech savvy it would be a miracle...

and now thanks to her I cruise into Google Analytics once a month and check my 5 reports and cruise on out!! #miracleshappen!!!!!

Trust me....6 months ago I was googling Google Analytics!!!!!! lol!!

Sarah Fults,

Hey There! It's Renee...

I got into website maintenance and support about five years ago, BUT I’ve been working online since 2008. My business evolved from a virtual assistant to creating a successful boutique web design firm, and now I focus on supporting you and your website.

When creating a website, most of my clients don’t realize how much maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly.

So I went all in and started offering website protection services to my clients. 

That was in 2017. Now I focus on taking the tech off my clients’ plates so they can focus on big things for their business and life.

I want the same for you.

That’s why I launched Geek in Your Pocket and the Geek Clinic

And why I doubled down to focus on supporting my clients. All so, they can have a fabulous website without messing with the tech!

It’s time to get the relief you need!


So How Much For All This?

Your investment for the 26 video, SEO Essentials Training is $75.

Things to know

Your video lessons will be available instantly in your training portal so no waiting to begin optimizing your WordPress Site for better search engine rankings!

In an afternoon and with these with these over-the-shoulder style videos, it is just like an SEO expert was there sitting at your computer with you but with these videos, you will not have to pay the one on one coaching costs.

I understand that I'm getting instant access to the WordPress training videos . You will get lifetime access to the class for as long as it is offered, no matter how much it evolves and changes. 


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