Your Website Stress Relief Has Arrived

You didn’t start your business to become a website webmaster…

But I did!

It's time to stop feeling like you always want to throw your laptop out the window; Geek in Your Pocket Protection Plans have you covered!

Get Your Relief Now
  • Website Protection Plans Protection Plan+

    Your Protection Plan includes the peace of mind that your site is well cared for, so you can enjoy time with those who matter as well as more time, knowing that you got the tech off your plate so you can do more of what you love.

    $60.00 (+ 5% GST)

    ““It brings me PEACE OF MIND knowing that you and your team are maintaining my website.””

    Content Marketer

You have enough to do with your business

Updating plugins and themes doesn't need to be on your to-do list.

When it’s time to update your website, do you break out in hives?

Never hesitate again; we’ll take care of all the updates on your website so you can focus on being there for your clients.

Wondering if that plugin is correctly set up to back up your site?

I’ve got you covered; your site will be saved to an off-site and secure location, accessible should you need it.

Are you too afraid to make any changes thinking you might break your site?

Let that fear go! I’ll be taking care of your website so you can focus on doing big things, not wondering what could break

Website Protection Plans Protection Plan+

Your Protection Plan includes the peace of mind that your site is well cared for, so you can enjoy time with those who matter as well as more time, knowing that you got the tech off your plate so you can do more of what you love.

$60.00 (+ 5% GST)
MEERA KOTHAND - Email Marketing Strategist & Author

“I specifically wanted a WordPress service that prioritized site speed, and Geek in Your Pocket was it!”

Email Marketing Strategist & Author


The Geeky Features

This is a bit of the geeky part, but here’s what comes with every Geek in Your Pocket Protection Plan

Cloud Backups

Your website is backed up regularly, and those backups are saved to my secure cloud storage. Ready to be accessed if needed.

WordPress Updates

Plugins, theme & WordPress Core updates are completed monthly. Unless there is a security update for one of the elements on your site, I’ll do it immediately.

Ongoing Monitoring

I have monitors in place to help me act quickly with any kind of security breach or website offline error. Prevention is the best approach & I’m ready

Quick Support

Send me an email when you get stuck with some formatting on your website or are unsure which plugin will be the best one for you to sell your products. I’m here and ready to help.

Premium Hosting

If you like having a personal experience where your site is fully monitored, and you don’t have to rely on second-tier web hosting, then my concierge hosting service is for you.

Themes & Plugins

As a Protection Plan client, you get access to any of the themes & plugins I currently have a license for. You can save upwards of $450 per year with this client-only perk.


Hey! Renee, Here!

I got into website maintenance and support about five years ago, BUT I’ve been working online since 2008. My business evolved from a virtual assistant to creating a successful boutique web design firm, and now I focus on supporting you and your website.

When creating a website, most of my clients don’t realize how much maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly.

So I went all in and started offering website protection services to my clients. 

That was in 2017. Now I focus on taking the tech off my clients’ plates so they can focus on big things for their business and life.

I want the same for you.

That’s why I launched Geek in Your Pocket and the Geek Clinic

And why I doubled down to focus on supporting my clients. All so, they can have a fabulous website without messing with the tech!

It’s time to get the relief you need!

I’ve got your back

The best part about having a Protection Plan with Geek in Your Pocket is peace of mind.

You have someone that’s supporting your investment and ensuring that your website is doing what it was built to do.

For every business owner, there comes a time when it no longer makes sense to wear all the hats, and having an expert available to manage much of the technical parts of your website gives you more time to focus on what’s important for your business.

No more wasted time and money guessing your way through online marketing.

A Protection Plan means…

You’ll now have a secret weapon

I’m ready to take care of the technical bits of your website. You’ll have a new team member managing your website and available to provide insight and technical support when you need it, plus you’ll get…

The fundamentals of a healthy site are taken care of for you
Regular site maintenance is foundational to having a healthy website, but it can be overwhelming for the average website owner. You can relax knowing your site is in good hands

Plugins and Themes Licenses Paid
Save money each year you’re a client. If I have the licenses as a Geek in Your Pocket client, your plugins and theme licenses are included with your Protection Plan service. Up to $425 value annually

Small edit or change to your website
No problem; if I can handle it in 15 minutes or less, consider it done. If I think it will take a bit longer to complete, I’ll be in touch and let you know how we can proceed.

Unlimited website edits
Sign up for the Protection+ Team package, and you’ll get exactly that. This is as simple as submitting an email with your content and details of what you’d like to see, and presto, your new content is up and published on your site.

Premium concierge web hosting.
While this is an optional feature, it’s one I highly recommend. My managed hosting takes care of all of it. The security, caching, and user access are all managed for you. It’s all the stuff you only need to know if you want to know.

Client only discounts
When you have a Geek in Your Pocket, you have me on call, ready to help make your ideas become a reality, and as a client, you’ll receive a regular 20% discount on any additional services.

I love my clients! Here's a few nice things they have said about my services

Diana Walker
Thank you so much for your excellent service…
...and reassurance that you have checked all your clients’ websites, including mine. You’re the Best!!
Linda Faulk
Math Teacher & Cirruculum Developer
I never need to worry now….
The constant updating, the backups were just too much for me with everything else going on. I know I never need worry now and can focus on blogging and creating resources & making money.
Natashia Tiel
Tiel Virtual Solutions
I love knowing that you are taking care of the maintenance and security of my website…
Thank you so much, Renee!! I love knowing that you are taking care of the maintenance and security of my website, that I can let go of that space in my mind to remember to update myself and fill it with other work :)”
Stephanie Gilbert
Just want to take a minute to thank you, Renee!
So awesome to have someone taking care of that kind of stuff. The tech side is not my thing, but I can sleep well every night, thanks to you! No matter what’s going on, I know my site is in good hands.
Ann Ingham
CEO, John Doe Corp
Renee is ace.
I have been reading and using her blogs for years and have gotten so many good ideas and lots of confidence. I have hired her to sort out problems ad hoc. I have subscribed to her Geek in Your Pocket service as a simple way to reduce my technical workload and focus on clinical work.
Cara-Lynn Garvock
Marketing Consultant
In the future I’ll skip the agony and go straight to Renee.
I had been agonizing for days over the implementation of an e-commerce plugin when I threw my hands in the air and gave up!

Luckily I found Renee, who not only calmed me down but made feel confident she knew what she was doing.

In the future I’ll skip the agony and go straight to Renee.
Samantha Hatcher
The best thing I ever did for my blog, business, and peace of mind was to hire Renee.
For the first time since I started my blog 3 years ago, everything went crazy. My blog went down, my ads disappeared, and I started to lose my mind.

The only thing I knew to do was to contact Renee. She had already been taking care of the technical side of things, and I knew this was beyond me.

I was never more grateful than that moment that I had hired Renee.

When I was looking to cut back on my expenses, the first thing I said I had to keep after paying for my hosting was Renee.

I really couldn’t do this without her. She is part of what is helping me to get to the next level with confidence.

It's Time to Focus on what you do best!

You’re ready to grow your business, but you’re tired of dealing with all the technical hiccups.

This package gives you the peace of mind that your website is well taken care of

What's included...

  • Premium Concierge website hosting (while optional, it's highly recommend)
  • Access to premium plugins & theme
  • WordPress Core & Plugin updates
  • Website check after updates
  • Backups with available restoration service
  • Ongoing Security monitoring
  • Ongoing Uptime monitoring
  • Ongoing Database Optimization
  • As-you-need-it email support - not small quick tasks under 15 minutes are usually included, larger tasks or anything over 15 minutes will be billed at the special client rate.

Still have questions? Read the FAQs below or send us a message to start a conversation.

You might still have questions, if so

Here a few of the more commonly asked questions, hope they help

There are a lot of WordPress maintenance companies out there. Why should I work with you?

My protection plans are perfect for website owners seeking a more personal touch with their website support. At Geek in Your Pocket, we strive to be part of your website team, providing strategy, quick tips, and support while keeping your website in tip-top shape.

My clients also get access to several plugins. Every client gets access to the premium versions of several plugins that can help enhance the performance and security of your website. Thinking of making a change in design, we also have access to a few fantastic website themes that you can use without needing to buy the theme yourself. This is a terrific value considering my care plans’ overall prices.

What plugins & themes are included in your service?

Once you become a Protection Plan client and for as long as you remain a Protection Plan client, if I have a license for a plugin or theme, you can access the premium version of the plugin or theme. My list of available plugins and themes do change, but at the time of writing, this is what is available:

Themes: Elementor ($59/yr), Astra Pro ($59/yr), Kadence ($149/yr), GeneratePress ($49/yr)

Plugins:  WP Rocket ($49/yr), SEOPress ($39/yr), FluentForms ($59/yr), Qubely ($39/yr)

Premium Services: CleanTalk Security ($9/mth), CleanTalk AnitSpam ($9/mth), Fathom Analytics ($14/mth)

I bought your service, now what?

Once you sign up for the Geek in Your Pocket plan that best fits your needs, you’ll receive a welcome email with the information needed to get you to send me the details and a few details about your plan.

Once you send login information for your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider, we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours.

Do I have to use your web hosting? Or can I use my own?

I’ll work with any web hosting provider. I do encourage my clients to use my hosting. It helps with security and monitoring so I can act fast when something needs to be fixed. When you sign up for a Protection Plan you'll be offered an upsell to my web hosting package (and I make the tranistion simple)

But, I also understand that different websites have different needs and budgets.

Occasionally, I will recommend moving from your web host because of my experiences with other clients and known security issues with some web hosts.

I have a recommended list of web hosting providers and also provide my own web host service at a competitive rate.

What if I need support? What's your response time?

You can email me any time; I usually respond within 1 business day. I have processes in place for urgent and/or emergencies. I take some time to wind down on weekends and holidays.

What kind of security features do you offer?

Keeping up on all of the security changes is one of the top reasons my clients sign up for my service and then stick with my service. They never need to worry if there is an issue. We’re on it and ensuring that your website is protected.

I use various security services and tools to ensure your website is protected, so you can have peace of mind and focus on what you do best. I also provide regular Sucuri scans of your website. The frequency of the scans depends on which Geek plan you’re on, I will implement the plugin and optimize it to ensure we have the best protection for your website.

We’ll implement additional security across your WordPress dashboard and server as needed. These security measures are unique for every website we work with, which means a customized solution for everybody.

Why are updates only performed monthly?

There are a few reasons why I only do updates every month.

Sometimes when an update is released, there may be bugs in the new update. So updating less frequently gives the plugin developer time to get rid of any bugs before I update and apply the updates to your WordPress site.

By batching the updates needed for my clients’ sites also makes it easier for me to manage the manual review of the sites and also helps to lower the probability that your site breaks during the updates.

There are always exceptions when there is a major plugin update or security patch that needs to be completed immediately to ensure the security of your website.

Do you provide phone support?

I’ve done my best to price my Geek in Your Pocket plans to provide the most value and stay lean. The best and most efficient way to get support is to email me your request.

Do you clean up Malware or Hacked Sites?

Malware is a serious issue for any website. Since I’m a small company with a lean team that helps me support my Total Geek in Your Pocket clients, I can’t offer malware cleanup in my plans.

I offer a clean-up service, though anyone on one of my plans receives 20% off the cost of my clean-up service.

Included in the clean-up service is 3 months of the Personal Geek in Your Pocket plan, so if you are currently experiencing malware issues on your site, it’s a great way to get started with my plans.

After the malware has been cleaned up, our team will create a security setup to harden your website to protect against future attacks.