Optimizing your images to help keep your website running smoothly and keeping it fast is one of the easier things any website owner can do.

When you launch your website, you’re excited about sharing what you know with the world, and you get to it, but there are so many things we’re never told we should do to ensure that our website runs smoothly, without lag, and doesn’t get overloaded.

I’m guessing if you’ve run any speed tests on your site, one of the top recommendations likely was to optimize your images to improve your website.

It’s one of the MOST common recommendations for website owners.

In this training, I’ll be covering my recommended best practices to handling your images for your website and any other online medium.

During this TechShort, we’ll be covering:


Hey! Renee, Here!

I got into website maintenance and support about five years ago, BUT I’ve been working online since 2008. My business evolved from a virtual assistant to creating a successful boutique web design firm, and now I focus on supporting you and your website.

When creating a website, most of my clients don’t realize how much maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly.

So I went all in and started offering website protection services to my clients. 

That was in 2017. Now I focus on taking the tech off my clients’ plates so they can focus on big things for their business and life.

I want the same for you.

That’s why I launched Geek in Your Pocket and the Geek Clinic

And why I doubled down to focus on supporting my clients. All so, they can have a fabulous website without messing with the tech!

It’s time to get the relief you need!


When You Get The Image Opimization TechShort You'll Learn

The best practices for ensuring your website is operating optimally, all in an easy and non-techie way!


  • Why you MUST optimize your images
  • What you should be doing before you even think of uploading your image to your website
  • My personal recommendations + checklist for optimizing your images
  • Non-Techie friendly tools to optimize your images before and after you have uploaded them to your website
  • Plus, a Q&A session for as long as is needed.
Yes, I'm ready to sign up!

So What Exactly is a TechShort?

A TechShort is a quick workshop, usually less than 60 minutes, that covers something specific to your website or business and focuses on the technical elements. They are intended for the solopreneur, new business owner, or anyone that struggles with technology and how to use it online. By the end of the TechShort, you’ll better understand how to use the tech in your business and why it is important.

All TechShorts are recorded, but to get the most benefit, it’s always recommended to attend live so you can get your questions answered and even receive some on-the-spot tech help from Renee, Chief Geek of Geek in Your Pocket.

Learn the best practices for optimizing your images in this short training

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