Have Your Discovered That Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked?

Worry no more, a solution is close at hand...

Renee Shupe
Your Geek in Residence

As a website owner, it's horrible when you discover that your website has been compromised and figuring out how to clean it up is not something I recommend any one but an expert to do.


My team of experts can have you back up and running in a short period of time and reset your website back to how it was in most cases.



What is Included

The WordPress Infection Cleanup is extensive and includes the following

  • Detailed Scan of All Website Files

    My team will run a detailed scan of all your website files to isolate any infected files. This scan will also discover any malicious files that should not be on your site. All infected files will be removed from the site and shared with you.

  • Full Security Audit

    WordPress is a popular software which accounts for 25% of the sites online. It’s important to protect against hackers. We will do a detailed Security Audit on your site to make sure that you have prevention in place and discover the security holes.

  • Brute Force Attack Prevention

    A common attack point on WordPress is to hammer the wp-login.php file over and over until they get in or the server dies. Each tried attempt is a request to the server which slows things down. My team will guard your site against this.

  • Database Optimization & Cleanup

    Your database is the sweet spot of all your saved website content and data. Over time databases can become very bloated storing tons of information that you site does not need anymore. My team will optimize your entire database.

  • Security Enhancements

    It is critical that you have security in place at all times. My team will complete the highest level of protection by installing a tried and trusted security plugin which will safe guard your site against future attacks.

  • Blacklist Removal

    Some infections may trigger a blacklist of your website online. This means that when people try to visit your site they are warned that the content in harmful and urges them not to proceed. We will take the needed steps to remove all these warnings right away without issues.

  • Detailed Report of What's Been Done

    It is important you know exactly what we did to cleanup your site. We will provide you with a detailed cleanup report itemizing the items they took action on to clean and protect your site.

  • 90 Days of Peace of Mind

    WAIT, there’s more… This item is actually my favorite. You will receive an additional 90 days of support for any malware or viruses that may return to your server. Most websites are hosted on a shared server with other sites. If these other sites get infected your site can as well. So even after we complete our cleanup, it could come back but we will clean it out again for you at no additional cost.

    PLUS you receive 3 months of my Geek in Your Pocket Service and at the end of the the 3 months it's just $49 per month.  Once the clean up is complete, we will send you details on how to sign up for your 3 months.

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