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A Useful Guide To Understanding WordPress Plugins

One of the main advantages of choosing WordPress for your website is the ability to increase your site's functionality using plugins.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

No doubt, you most likely use a smart phone.

Think about what happens when you want access to something new on your phone like a new software or a business productivity tool?

You download and install an app!

An app is a software that is simple and easy to install and integrates new features and functionality into a smart phone.

A Non-Technical Guide To WP Plugins

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Useful Facts About WordPress

WordPress is well known as a great blogging tool that creates beautiful blogs or websites for free!
This sounds great, but what exactly can WordPress do for you?

If you run any type of business, then your website is probably an important part of your business and your business strategy.
WordPress allows you to easily create, update and manage your own web presence all by yourself using just an internet browser.

Being the smart creative leader that you are, you probably have some questions about…

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The Benefits Of Using WordPress As A Content Management System

What began as a blogging tool in 2003 has grown in less than a decade to become the largest self-hosted Content Management System (CMS) platform in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

In simple terms, a content management system allows you to manage your content in a structured environment. It stores all of your documents, images, videos and any other type of online content in an organized way, so that you can easily add, retrieve, edit, delete …

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Understanding Blogging Terminology

The blogging revolution has introduced a whole new set of blog terms, blog abbreviations and blogging acronyms to online users.

Even though WordPress has moved well beyond just being a "blogging" platform and is now the fastest growing Content Management System (CMS) platform for personal and business users worldwide, in many ways WordPress is still synonymous with blogging,

If you’re considering starting a blog, or you are a beginner WordPress user, therefore, it helps to understand some of …

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