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Upgrading And Deleting Plugins In The WordPress Admin Dashboard

In a separate article, we provide a detailed explanation of what plugins are about and how you can use plugins to easily increase your website's capabilities.

To view this article, go here: Using WP Plugins To Enhance Your Site's Capabilities

In this tutorial you will learn why plugins need to be kept up-to-date, how to safely update and uninstall plugins from your site, and some great tips to help you better manage your plugins if you plan to own or manage multiple WordPress sites.

Why Some Pl…

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A Useful Guide To Understanding WordPress Plugins

One of the main advantages of choosing WordPress for your website is the ability to increase your site's functionality using plugins.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

No doubt, you most likely use a smart phone.

Think about what happens when you want access to something new on your phone like a new software or a business productivity tool?

You download and install an app!

An app is a software that is simple and easy to install and integrates new features and functionality into a smart phone.

A Non-Technical Guide To WP Plugins

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